#Run the wall

Last weekend it was the final in the Norwegian drift championship in Kristiansand.
The track is fast, with entry speeds up to 170Kph on initiation!  The final 180 degree turn follows a concrete wall. If you don’t get a smooth transition or get the “competition black-out” in to the last turn, hitting the wall is almost a given.

The top three positions in Pro only had a few points between them, with Odd-Helge Helstad on top, followed by Stig “Smygen” Wilhelmsen and Kenneth Nornes. Any of these three could take the win. After alot of crashes, engine failure and gearbox failures during the top 8 in Pro, Smygen managed to get himself to the final, and securing the valuable points that took him to the top in the NDC. Tor Arne Kvia took his second victory in the NDC in a row and will surely be dangerous in the 2016 championship!


Smygen and Kvia in the final run, where Smygen gave it all and #run the wall, resulting in a straightening of the car.

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