Norwegian drift championship, the final.

The funny thing is, usually people think: “It’s weekend, now I can finaly sleep long!” Well, my alarm woke me up at 05:45 AM and that’s 30 minutes earlier then in the weekdays. I packed my gear and headed for Skien, a city 2 hours driving northeast from where I live. After one hour of driving the sun  decided to cast some light, and I could see that this woul be a good weekend for early morning and evening shots.


The morning driving was delayed and this guy was very eager to burn some tires. Going all in on a cold track and with cold tires resulted in the supra digging itself into the sand and grass hill.


The one to watch this weekend was Fredrik Myhre and his LSX-turbo powered supra.


17 year old Odd Helge Helstad already had the junior NC title before going in to this round, but he took the trip to show of his skills and show why he is the best junior drifter.


Drifting isn’t only smoke and angle, sometimes spectacular dirtdrops also happen, here demonstrated by Ronny Køhler.


Alvin and his babyblue supra was chasing for another win, after getting the NC title in powerslide at Gatebil the weekend before, but his differential had other plans.




Helge Ougland and his BMW M3 turbo smoked down the track repeatedly!


Home favourite Tommy Stensrud patched up his R32 after getting hit 3 -three- times in Bergen some weeks ago. Check out his ducktaped rear bumper and fender.


Steffen Tveite and his green Volvo 2JZ drift tank.


Kenneth Nornes and his R34 Skyline always put’s on a good show!


Team driftmonkey’s supra, driven by Anders Klerud, didn’t make it to the top 16 this time due to too much grip into the last corner and hitting the barrier. Even tho, he gave the audience a good show smoking the track before the finals.


Andrè Olsen is a junior driver with a quite original R33 Skyline, even tho he doesn’t have so much power, he is starting to get good control over his car and ended up with a 3rd place this weekend and a 2nd place in the junior NC overall.


Martin August Myrseth and his Skyline R32 with R34 front is only 14 years old!! Getting a 2nd place this weekend and a 3rd place overall in the junior NC, that’s amazing! Grats kiddo!


Semi drift isn’t part of the NC, but I’ll share a picture of the top 3 drivers this weekend. 3rd for Christoffer Antonsen in his supra, 2nd for Ove Bjørge and his Volvo and 1st place for Emil Andrè Bogen in his orange supra!


Smygen and his V8 Opel Omega had to advance from top 16 and get lot’s of points this weekend to be able to reach the 1st place overall, but he got knocked out by Stian Aleksander Mikkelsen.


Myhre just had to get to top 8 to be sure the NC title was his, and after smoking down Ronny (who left the battle laughing because he had so much fun, and he couldn’t see anything behind Fredrik.)


After chopping down the lists, there was 4 cars and 4 drivers left. Fredrik Myhre vs Alvin Lægreid and Christian Bakkerud vs Harald Berentsen. V8’s vs 2JZ’s.

Bakkerud in the Nissan Cefiro V8 went out on top and heading for the final.


Proximity warning by both! Even tho they where both realy on eachoter, Myhre got the win of the two battles, making it a all V8 final. Alvin prepared to meet Harald and his S13 in the battle of 3rd place.




The battle of 3rd place went down, and Alvin got his first podium finish ever in a drift competition setting.


The final. V8 turbo supra, vs V8 cefiro. Eastern Norway vs western Norway.
But thanks to the smokefest the round before, they needed to wait until some of the smoke went away.
For my sake, they should have waited longer since everything was white with the sun shining through it.



The top 4. From the left: Fredrik, Christian, Harald and Alvin.


Event winner Bakkerud and his Cefiro.


And the new Norwegian drift king!


Price ceremony:

Junior (Overall): Andrè Olsen 3rd (2nd), Martin 2nd (3rd) and Odd Helge 1st (1st)


Semi drift from this event:

Christoffer Antonsen 3rd, Ove Bjørge 2nd and Emil Andrè Bogen 1st.


Pro event:

Alvin Lægreid 3rd, Fredrik Myhre 2nd and Christian Bakkerud 1st.


Overall Pro:

Tommy Stensrud (4th after more official updates), Stig “Smygen” Wilhelmsen 2nd and Fredrik Myhre 1st! Grats to all!