Car presentation, part 1.

So, then I finaly got myself to start writing, aswell as doing photograpy.
As a prologue to my later work, I will make this short intruduction of some drivers, with some of my own favourite shots of them from the season so far. I will make more of these presentations later on aswell.

Alvin Lægreid’s 2JZ supra is without a doubt one of my favourite cars. Good quality build mixed with a driver who isn’t afraid to use the car at maximum potential. Alvin won the Norwegian powerslide competition at Gatebil last weekend. A write up of that will come later.


Stian Mikkelsen is only 18 years old, but have already made a name for himself in the Norwegian drift scene. Moving up his 2JZ S14 from junior to PRO level drifting this year, he realy stepped up his game!


Christer Halvorsen and his M50 turbo BMW powered Nissan S15 stepped out of the Norwegian professional drift scene to do a complete season in Drift Allstars this year. Even tho he haven’t recieved the best results, he still gave all and rebuildt his car TWICE this year.


Anders Klerud from team Driftmonkey is competing in the Norwegian drift championship with his 2JZ monky supra.
He was pretty much unknown for me before this season, but now I feel he has always been part of the community.


Fredrik Myhre and his LSX turbo powered Supra is currently holding pole postition in the NDC. Fredrik has realy stepped up this year being the one to beat in the last round of the championship.


Kenneth Nornes and his insane 2JZ R34 Skyline is tearing up tires as nobody else. I have lost count on how many awards for “showman of the event” he has taken home the last years.


Not so unknown to the world is Fredric Aasbø. At Gatebil events here in Norway, he is driving the 2JZ Toyota GT86. He is always driving flat out, or “hold stumt” as we say, and winning the croud time after time smoking down everything.