Car presentation, part 2.

After good feedbacks from the first part, I decided to not wait to long with making the next one.
I also added a comment section where you can leave feedback or ask questions. I intend to make atleast 4-5 parts of this theme, and go further into detail on some of the drivers during the winter.

Quite unknown in the drifting scene is Allan Rasmussen and his superchared E36 M3. He used this season as a prologue to test his skills and tweak his setup for a full drift season next year. What he learned? He needs more power!

Joakim Johnsen popped out from nowhere. All I remember of him was a lame white supra from last years Gatebil event. This year, with new good looking paint job, he holds the 1st place in the Powerdrift series with just one round left!


Christian Bakkerud always deliveres good angle and lots of smoke! His Cefiro V8 stands out between all the supra’s and s-chassis’.
If you go to Gatebil you usually see him drifting down the straight, kissing the concrete wall like a madman!


Marius Andrusevicius (Andersen to make it easy) has one of the most brutal BMW E30’s around! Powered by a 2JZ and custom made locking kit, he always get’s sick angles and tonnes of smoke! And yes, it’s a four door saloon!


Joachim Waagaard had one of the nicest driftcars this season! His V8 powered, heavy winged RX-7 realy set a benchmark for form and function, sadly the car ended it’s life hitting a concrete wall in the 5th round of Drift Allstars in Talinn.


Fredrik √ėksnevad and his V8 powered SPY+ Soarer get’s attention everywhere he goes. The babyblue color and his agressive driving realy put him on the map in european drifting when he got 2nd place in DARD3 Sweden in the summer.